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Financing the Transportation System

Investing in transportation is unlike any other federal government spending. Transportation dollars are converted to physical assets that will last 50 to 100 years to provide future generations with a modern, globally competitive system. At the same time, such investments create and maintain well-paying “Made-in-America” jobs.

According to FHWA, every $1 billion of federal investment in highways supports 35,000 jobs. For the long-term, increased transportation investment can help sustain economic recovery, keep the U.S. globally competitive, reduce congestion, and save lives.

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New Report Offers Practical Transportation Investment and Revenue Case Studies

Making the Case for Transportation Investment and Revenue offers 10 in-depth case studies of transportation revenue campaigns, including what worked and what didn't. From a roadmap to creating winning strategies to identifying the issues that can undermine success, Making the Case is a comprehensive guide to aid state revenue initiatives. More...

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